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Natural Ingredients That Can Help Whiten Your Skin

Regardless of which skin tone you have, you are still beautiful. However, we all know that many women prefer to have flawless white skin. This is the reason why the skincare industry is booming nowadays.

If you look at the marketplace these days, you will find all sorts of beauty products promising lighter and healthy-looking skin in just a few weeks. But then, these claims are not all true. Some of the lotions, creams, and soaps are effective, while the others are not. And worse, some are harmful as well.

So if you want to achieve a whiter complexion, you might want to consider the following natural ingredients:

Yogurt and Honey

honeyEach of these ingredients has its own whitening ability. Just like milk, yogurt contains enzymes that have whitening effects. On the other hand, honey can help in moisturizing your skin. So if you combine these two, you will get good results.

What you need to do is thoroughly mix yogurt and honey. Once this is done, you already have something that you can use a nourishing mask. Apply the mixture to your skin, and let it sit there for about 15 to 20 minutes. After which, rinse it using warm water. Doing this regularly will help achieve whiter and softer skin in no time.


If you look at the skin whitening products at the supermarket or beauty shops, you will notice that a lot of them contain papaya. This special fruit contains powerful whitening enzymes, and they also stimulate skin exfoliation. In fact, studies show that they can help get rid of pimples as well.

So how do you use papaya to whiten your complexion? First, you have to mash the fruit until it becomes paste-like. You can then apply this to the areas that you want to whiten. Just like the yogurt and honey mixture, let the paste sit on your skin for 20 minutes, and rinse it with warm water later on. In a week or two, you will see excellent results as long as you use papaya on a daily basis.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is good in skin exfoliation as well as skin lightening. You can use the juice and the peelings to scrub your body and rinse with lukewarm water.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another popular ingredient when it comes to skincare products. So instead of using commercial products, why not use natural Aloe Vera? You simply have to get the extract and apply it to your skin. You can mix it with lemon juice too if you want to come up with a more powerful mixture.